Economic Forum of AlbuquerqueEconomic Forum of Albuquerque

About Us:


The Forum is a non-partisan business leaders group founded in 1982 which is funded solely by membership dues and is dedicated to the continued improvement of our community.


The objective of the Economic Forum is to inform leadership from business, government and education for the purpose of improving the quality of jobs, education and the economic welfare of our community.

Implementation Strategy:

  • Promote a positive attitude towards quality growth, economic vitality, prosperity and
    the general success of our city, county and state.
  • Support public and private sector groups and agencies that promote economic
    development and quality job growth.
  • Educate and inform members and community decision makers of critical initiatives,
    issues and policies affecting education, water, energy, environment, taxes and quality growth in an effort to support the long term well-being of our community.

Membership Qualifications

The Forum has a membership limit and new members are by invitation only. The Executive Director, Bob Murphy, answers to a Board of Directors.

The membership meets over breakfast on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 a.m. for a business oriented program generally aimed at the Forum's efforts to keep its members informed and Involved in Community issues.

Annual dues are $2,600 for the members plus the cost of meals served at regular meetings which will be billed monthly.